AWS chair spearheads quest for the top posts

NEW chair of the Association of Women Solicitors Alison Parkinson has stressed her commitment to getting more women to the top of the profession.

More than 50 per cent of entrants into the profession are now women and the association, which has increased its membership by over 1,500 in the last year to 8,000, now has 25 per cent of all women solicitors as members. But at a senior level, figures from the Law Society show that of solicitors of 10 to 19 years in practice, 54 per cent of women have reached partnership level compared to 79 per cent of men.

Parkinson said: “These figures are proof of the set minds of the people at the very top which tend to be older and male. I would like to see women who have made it encouraging younger women with advice and assistance.”

To learn about other approaches of getting women to the top, Parkinson plans to forge contacts with women lawyer groups abroad.

She said: “Women in the American legal profession have always used a more aggressive approach than us towards equal opportunities.”