Naylor gets a new lease of Second Life

Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW) technology partner David Naylor has been doing a spot of DIY in the firm’s office in virtual reality world Second Life. Without so much as a single blob of Blu Tack, he has started putting job ads up on the walls. The advertisements are virtual replicas of the real-life magazine versions.

Naylor got stuck in and put the ads up himself, not needing the help of IT support or a Facebook generation trainee. He has also rolled up his sleeves and got stuck into his new role as tech practice head, taking over from FFW veteran Tony Ballard, who left for Harbottle & Lewis earlier this month.

Under Naylor the telco and tech practice at FFW will shift its focus slightly, from regulatory and competition work to financing technology start-ups and advice to media and telecommunications companies on how to distribute content.

Whether this will extend to advising people on virtual interior decorating, or how to get your avatar looking just right, remains to be seen.