Mourant’s Pole vault

Global warming is no longer the biggest concern for the North Pole’s polar bears. Now the endangered not-so-cuddly critters face the calamity of an invasion of offshore lawyers.

In Mourant du Feu & Jeune’s latest attempts to challenge offshore rivals Maples & Calder’s size or Conyers Dill & Pearman’s geographical spread, the Jersey-headquartered firm has turned its eye to an Arctic outpost.

Mourant adviser James Chesire recently risked life and limb to battle freezing temperatures, thinning ice and the dangers of marauding polar bears to reach the North Pole. Admittedly he originally set out on the trek in a bid to prove his brawn in the Polar Challenge 2007, but his ever-entrepreneurial friend, and CEO of Mourant Stephen Ball saw an opportunity for expansion.

Upon reaching his destination in first place, rather than supping champagne with the locals, Chesire unfurled a Mourant flag.

Is there no end to Ball’s quest for world domination? Does he genuinely model himself on DLA Piper‘s Nigel Knowles? And given that the North Pole is now littered by yet another corporate logo, is it really any wonder that the ice caps are melting?