Hell hath no fury like a Dewey scorned

After a split, particularly one splashed all over the press, there’s nothing better than rubbing your one-time partner’s nose in it by flaunting a radical new image.

So we can only imagine the glee that Dewey Ballantine feels in announcing its 24th new partner hire in three months (see story).

In and of itself, the hiring spree is indicative of a firm on the move. Confident. Nonchalant. Independent. Not at all dwelling on unsuitable past partners.

You can bet that’s sending a message.

This growth spurt may just have something to do with the post-Christmas fallout with Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe, with which it indulged in some serious courtship with a view to a lasting commitment.

That union wasn’t to be, a realisation that both firms reached only after announcing such things as the firm’s new name and even its new logo. Dewey alone lost 10 partners between announcing and ultimately declining Orrick’s attentions.

Dewey seems set upon shedding its conservative, staid image in favour of a devil-may-care, bold approach that screams: “We didn’t really need Orrick. This is the Brand New Dewey.”