From Russia with Lovells

Tulkinghorn was shocked to hear from a close friend, who just happens to be a night security guard for Lovells, that a sex bombshell was dropped in the run-up to the firm’s annual office party last month.

Sexy senior partner John Young, who had turned his after-dinner speech into a platform for his burgeoning pop career, roped in a number of colleagues to film a James Bond-themed video with which to regale the entire firm.

Under cover of darkness, Young, in the guise of Bond, enacted a scene in Lovells’ corridors that saw London managing partner Ruth Grant cast as M, managing partner David Harris play Blofeld, consultant Nicholas Gould transform into Q and real estate head Bob Kidby take on the persona of ‘Bobjob’.

As if that wasn’t frightening enough, the entire cast, with receptionists as Bond girls and a couple of Soviet-era villains thrown in for good measure, was singing a specially modified version of the Tom Jones number Sex Bomb.

Don’t they do any work? Actually…