Crying over spilt milk

Disaster struck Baker & McKenzie‘s London office last week when, according to a desperate message, all of its copies of The Lawyer were ruined in a freak milk spillage accident.

The firm’s librarian called, understandably devastated by the accident (Tulkinghorn assumes it was an accident) that had left the batch unreadable. The librarian pointed out that the lawyers couldn’t read them and that “they’re starting to smell”. Tulkinghorn assumes she meant The Lawyers, not the lawyers.

However, the hacks at Tulkinghorn Towers are a suspicious bunch. As one pointed out, isn’t it a coincidence that this was the very issue in which managing partner Gary Senior was profiled? Surely Bakers wasn’t simply after extra copies for the office ego wall?

Meanwhile, across the Channel, new French president Nicolas Sarkozy revealed that one of his many female appointees to his cabinet would be none other than former Bakers Paris head Christine Lagarde. Lagarde is already gearing up to go into battle for France’s farmers and is well aware that the modernisation of the EU’s farm policies could have a detrimental effect on the shy and retiring bunch.

What Tulkinghorn wants to know is whether, in the light of the possible abolition of milk quotas by 2015, Lagarde plans to take her profligate former firm to task over a little spilt milk?