Clinton’s fleecing visit

Tulkinghorn has always wondered about Americans’ love for their presidential campaigning. How can anyone get so excited about something that drags on and on for so long? (Actually, Tulkinghorn himself is a big cricket fan, so perhaps he should understand.)

What Tulkinghorn hadn’t realised was the extent to which top US law firms also love to get involved with the campaign trail.

Take Skadden (no, please etc, etc…). News reached Tulkinghorn last week that the partners at the New York M&A powerhouse had invited none other than Hillary Clinton over to say “hi”, in what the firm described as “truly a unique opportunity to meet Hillary, hear her ideas and ask her questions in an intimate setting”.

The gushing email that did the rounds of the New York associates added that, by trotting along to the meeting, the grunts would be able to “join some Skadden partners who have generously supported Hillary’s campaign in showing support from the firm”.

How could they resist? Well, possibly the fact that it was going to cost them $500 (£253) each to show up, described in the internal email as “a bargain”, was a deterrent. Surely Skadden could have found a cheaper alternative…