Morton Fisher to give advice to loyal Kidderminster FC fans

Fans of the club who sign up for next season will receive free legal expenses insurance from Kent-based Legal Insurance Management (LIM).
There is already a referral arrangement between LIM and Morton Fisher, but now the Harriers’ most loyal customers will benefit from legal protection.
Morton Fisher partner Tim Jones explained: “At the beginning of this year, a referral arrangement was set up whereby Morton Fisher was to be the exclusive provider of a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week helpline for legal enquiries. We had several ideas to expand this – Kidderminster Harriers was just one.
“The idea to include legal insurance policies with season tickets is a very attractive one, especially as legal aid is being phased out.”
General manager of the Harriers Geoff Butler explained the club’s attraction to the deal. “We thought it’s something we could offer to give our spectators a little bit extra in the season ticket package,” he said. “You don’t tend to think about these things until they’re needed. We were initially attracted to the 24-hour hotline.”
Butler does not believe the incentive will bring in more season ticket holders. “We didn’t look at it like that, it’s just a way for the fans to get good legal services,” he said.
Barry Smith, director of LIM, is himself a Harriers season ticket holder. He said: “Family legal expenses is a product that hasn’t had the greatest market penetration that it could have.
“Historically, it has been sold by intermediaries like brokers, often on the back of house insurance, but it could be attached to a tin of baked beans. As far as a football or any other sporting club is concerned, the idea of offering something on the back of a season ticket is a way to add value to their product and give something back to their most loyal customers.”