Lawrence Graham partner flees

A top Lawrence Graham partner has resigned and left the country amid allegations of financial wrongdoing.

Corporate partner Michael Fielding instructed Westminster firm Radcliffes to hand his resignation to the partnership after leaving the country a fortnight ago. It is understood that the partners of the firm were unaware he was intending to leave.
But Lawrence Graham managing partner Bill Richards says the firm has informed the Metropolitan Police and the Office for the Supervision
of Solicitors of the allegations.
Sources within the firm say the money involved is substantial and could run into millions of pounds, but Richards says it is too early to know how much money is involved.
Fielding, who has issued no statement, is instructing Radcliffes partners Gillian Benning and Nigel West. Benning said he approached her because she has worked for him on litigation in the past.
She said: “I’ve known him for about 10 years and acted for him in personal litigation. Now he’s abroad but he’s in daily contact with me and has instructed me to cooperate fully.”
Lawrence Graham’s insurers are involved and a source says that the firm is confident that if there are any losses, they will be covered.
Fielding’s main client is London & Regional Properties. He brought the company along when he joined Lawrence Graham five years ago. Fielding has also advised Strategic Hotels Capital of Chicago on
its moves into Europe. London & Regional would not comment on its Lawrence Graham relationship.