Marriott Harrison to lead SME fund panel

DMH Stallard

, Marriott Harrison and Rosenblatt have all secured places on the panel for a new government-sponsored operation to provide funding for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The three firms have been appointed to the panel for the London Technology Fund (LTF), which will support technology start-ups.

The one month-old LTF is a £15m venture capital fund financed by the Government but run commercially. In order to keep the costs down, all documentation has been standardised and the panelled firms will only receive £3,000 per job. However, the plan is that, as the companies expand and get involved in larger transactions requiring a more personalised service, the three law firms will be the recipients of this more lucrative work.

Marriott Harrison is the lead firm on the panel and was responsible for enlisting the other two practices. Duncan Innes, a partner at the firm, said he picked the other two firms based on personal experience of their work.

“I’ve worked with both Rosenblatt and DMH Stallard on deals before and found that we have a similar approach to venture capital transactions,” he said.

Innes was also chosen because of his wealth of experience in this area. He is involved in the Capital Fund, another government-sponsored venture capital firm for the London area, and has a client list that includes venture capital institutions such as Matrix, Sovereign Capital and Bowmark.