Horsehair scare

The inaugural First Counsel Ladies Invitation Fegentri Stakes at Newbury on 16 June was a stellar affair. All the jockeys in the rec cons-sponsored race, won by ‘Scottish River’, were women, the champagne was pink and the last race of the day, appropriately enough, was won by a horse named ‘Attorney’.

The mixture of partners, HR and business development directors all had a flutter, while apparently everyone admired First Counsel’s glorious corporate colours and horse-blanket. A pity, then, that all-round good guy Mark Brandon had to stay home and man the phones. “I’m allergic to horsehair and would have simply dropped down dead,” he says, in no way overdramatising the situation.

Instead he and the remaining office-bound First Counsellors were forced to make their way to the pub and drown their sorrows in that well-known cure-all butterscotch vodka shots.