Tulkinghorn: Odd-shaped balls

Guy Beringer

Anyone who’s ever met Allen & Overy’s former senior partner, who last week was appointed chairman of UK export credit agency ECGD, will testify that this fact invariably features somewhere in most of Mr B’s conversations or press.

And sure enough, nestling near the bottom of the ECGD press release like an egg-shaped ball beneath a scrum was the following: “Guy was a keen rugby player and, like his father, won two rugby blues at Cambridge. He then played for London Irish for 10 years, appearing in the team’s first national cup final in 1980 and captaining the club for the 1985 season. He also represented Ulster for two seasons.”
Well, Tulkinghorn once played for his school’s sevens…

Setting the table
One of Tulkinghorn’s spies witnessed a shameless spot of business development the other day.

The hack was enjoying a bite to eat with none other than His Royal Highness Lord Nigel of Knowles when a chap at the next table leaned over. “I couldn’t help hearing, but I work at a chambers,” said the gent silkily. “If you ever need to instruct somebody…”

He then ­proceeded to hand out business cards to all and sundry, including the legal knight himself, Big Nige.

The identity of this ­forward person? None other than Stuart Catchpole QC of 39 Essex Street.

That’s the way to do it.

Cold comfort
Winter, as we all know by now, is snow joke. Sorry. Tulkinghorn apologises for that. Any future lame puns will be much grit-tier.
One of the worst things about the UK’s occasional dusting of the white stuff is how it invariably generates a raft of dodgy press releases from outfits looking for a bit of publicity. And Tulkinghorn is happy to oblige.

In the first week post-New Year, you may recall, it was the Law Society. It highlighted the fact that there were likely to be many more personal injury (PI) claims arising from the icy ­conditions and that “consumers” could go straight to PI specialists if they wished to make a claim.

Then last week this arrived: “Quality Solicitors.com has launched a dedicated ‘Snowline’ to cope with the demand for its services.”

If you’re a ‘consumer’ having problems with the snow, you can ring the Snowline and you’ll be put in touch with a specialist who can help.

Tulkinghorn knows someone who should give it a call – Russell Jones & Walker chief executive Neil Kinsella. A secret snowman told Tulkinghorn last week that the firm had closed three of its offices because of the blizzard conditions.
The firm denies it, but Tulkinghorn can still imagine: “Hello Snowline, this is Neil…”

Rallying round
ASB Law’s Crawley office will be one fee-earner lighter this July, when paralegal Laura Over and a chum head off to take part in the Mongol Rally.

The 10,000-mile race, which runs from England to the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, has to be completed in a 1.2-litre car.

Over’s not only looking for donations for her three charities – The Christina Noble Children’s ­Foundation, Cancer Research and the ­Neurofibromatosis ­Association – she’s also on the lookout for a motor.

Any suggestions, ­donations or explanations will be received gratefully via The Two Mongoleers website (www.thetwo

Beware the red devils
Manchester United FC’s £500m bond issue last week reminded Tulkinghorn of the time that Allen & Overy (A&O) partner Andrew Ballheimer was forced to travel up north to advise on the takeover by the ­Glazers.

Those were crazy days, as football fans may recall. Indeed, Man Utd’s acquisition by a bunch of Yanks didn’t go down particularly well in certain quarters (primarily the club’s fans).

Which may explain why ‘On-the-Ballheimer’ wisely decided to attend the latest Northern meeting flanked by two of the largest associates A&O could provide. Wise man.