Survey shows money is main motivator

Sexist and money mad – a common charge against lawyers, but this time they are saying it about themselves.

A survey by The Lawyer and QD Group involving 209 lawyers, reveals money tops the poll as the most important factor when considering a job change for both private practice lawyers (37 per cent) and in-housers (55 per cent). Promotion prospects came close for both at 33 per cent and 44 per cent respectively.

There is a big disparity between the sexes in how promotion prospects for female lawyers are viewed – a whopping 75 per cent of female lawyers feel there is a glass ceiling for women, while only 24 per cent of men think so.

A Law Society spokes-man says: “Many women are paid less than male solicitors and are less likely to be promoted. It's not a conspiracy, just bad employment practice. We will be putting pressure on the profession to abide by their equal opportunity policies.”

Promotion opportunities, however, are seen by some as scarce for all – 42 per cent say prospects are not good and 14 per cent claim they are non-existent.

Although 82 per cent of in-houser lawyers left private practice for quality-of-life considerations, the megabucks of US firms might lure 47 per cent back to join a US firm.