Seeking out the best silks

One particular set of chambers that is consistently recommended for banking barristers, both at senior and junior level is 3 Verulam Buildings. Among its silks, William Blair QC is described as a “very conscientious” barrister who gives “definite advice”. John Jarvis QC is said to have “a wealth of experience that sets him apart” and Richard Salter QC is highly regarded by many.

Fountain Court is also strong in the field, with head of chambers Peter Scott QC described as “very consumer-friendly and a very good advocate”. Peter Goldsmith QC and Anthony Boswood QC are also recommended.

At 3/4 South Square, Richard Adkins QC is “very user-friendly – he understands the clients” and Richard Sheldon QC is “extremely good”. Head of chambers Michael Crystal QC, is also rated highly, as are Richard Hacker QC and Gabriel Moss QC.

At 9 Old Square, Judith Jackson QC is noted for “rolling her sleeves up”. Michael Driscoll QC is described as “an excellent barrister” and Nicholas Patten QC is well regarded.

Jonathan Sumption QC, of Brick Court Chambers, is still considered one of the leaders in his field and, at the same set, Mark Hapgood QC is described as “clever and constructive” with “a tremendous knowledge of banking law”.

At One Essex Court, headed by Anthony Grabiner QC, Terence Mowschenson QC has “an enormous understanding of tax and trusts and is an extremely good commercial barrister” while Mark Barnes QC is also well liked.

Anthony George Bompas QC at 4 Stone Buildings is “easy to get on with – he doesn't stand on ceremony” and, at the same chambers, John Brisby QC “is good at most commercial things”.

Robin Potts QC at Erskine Chambers is recommended by many, as “well respected”, “easy to work with”, “hardworking” and “good at cross examination”. Gordon Pollock QC, head of Essex Court Chambers, also has “a top reputation”.

At 20 Essex Street, chambers of David Johnson QC, Iain Milligan QC “has a good commercial understanding of transactions”. Antonio Bueno QC, head of 5 Paper Buildings, is described as “very experienced and a very nice chap to work with”.

Head of 2 Crown Office Row, John Powell QC, is described as being “very approachable, extremely bright and terribly personable” and, at 1 Hare Court, Richard Southwell QC “has gravitas which works well at an appellate level”.