Crash! Bang! Gazump!

I AM troubled on two counts by the report in last week's edition of The Lawyer at the inability of Solicitors' Property Centre Network Services to obtain suitable premises because they had been gazumped. It is not at all uncommon when acting for certain clients to keep their identity secret, because to make it known would have a possible adverse effect on any negotiations for property acquisition, and to achieve the acquisition through a nominee.

The second point that causes me concern is that the report indicates that SPCNS has now got through over half a million pounds, being the amount collected from 700 law firms. Where can the money possible have gone? Mr Bogan's explanation that a development plan has been prepared does not sound that impressive.

It cannot be long before at least some of the firms in the 700 who have provided money start asking questions.

Brian J Marson, Marsons Solicitor