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Life at Skadden Towers can be a slog at the best of times, but when you take away one of the few associate perks you would expect at least a few dissenting voices.

Such voices were conspicuously absent when the Skadden Insider blog (http://skaddeninsider.blog spot.com) was forced to take down its Hottest Female Associate contest when a partner noticed it didn’t “reflect our values and standards of behavior”.

Despite the popularity of the contest, it seems that many lawyers were shocked by the breach of the firm’s values.

One poster says: “These contests are not humorous – they only run the risk of making our firm look petty and immature. If you’re young enough to enjoy things like this, you should leave the law – clients expect more than this type of trash from one of the most prestigious firms in the world.”

Another writes: “To suggest that you don’t know what Skadden’s values are should be grounds for dismissal.”

Sounds like an absolute riot over there, doesn’t it?If you spend all your time practising law in a law firm, the last thing you want to see on TV is anything to do with law. Unfortunately, the BBC is cooking up a new law programme that looks like it might be the legal version of Trisha.

According to the broadcaster’s ever-funky website (www.bbc.co.uk/showsand tours) the programme makers are looking for people to appear on the show, called Street Legal.

“Do you need legal help, is the law on your side, do you want to know your rights?” asks the website desperately. “Maybe you’re having a row with your neighbour and things are getting heated. Your flatmate owes you £1,000 but refuses to pay you back. You’ve fallen out with your family over a will.”

Or maybe you’re trying to structure a complex securitisation at work and want to forget all about it when you get home?