Wii whiz

The Christmas present of choice this year for many bonus-packing lawyers is, of course, a Wii. A what? asks Tulkinghorn. Apparently it’s some sort of electronic games gizmo.

Certainly the word (which is pronounced ‘wee’) does not conjure up the most pleasant of images for Stefan Kruger, the Freshfields IP partner who advised its manufacturer Nintendo on its development.

Kruger was thrashed 10-1 in a supposedly friendly game of boxing on the new Wii machine against an in-house lawyer from Nintendo Europe recently.

The experience, featuring a controller that allows the user to virtually feel as if they are in the ring, left both Kruger and his avatar battered and bruised.

But the Freshfields man was adamant that he did not let his millionaire long-term client win on purpose, saying he was an “inexperienced gamer”.

Tulkinghorn remembers a time when lawyer-client relationships were cemented in the tasteful surroundings of a golf course, not an imaginary boxing match.