Lawrence Graham makes a song and dance

Time was when lawyers did deals, had a quiet drink to celebrate, then moved on.

Now that’s all changed, of course. Today firms will take the tiniest opportunity to grab a spot of limelight.

So, as news broke today of the biggest pay cheque in UK TV history – Simon Cowell’s £20m deal to stay with ITV for three more years – a press release trumpeting its supporting role in Saturday’s X-Factor final also landed on our desks from well-known media firm Lawrence Graham.

For what was actually a fairly small job on a minor £4m investment, Lawrence Graham was as cock-a-hoop as a bunch of Aussies.

Still, it’s Christmas, so in a charitable mood we’ll overlook the hugely ramped spin – and Lawrence Graham corporate partner Hugh Maule’s quote, which was even cheesier than X-Factor loser Eddie Munster’s repertoire.