Have a crass Christmas

Tulkinghorn would like to offer his thanks to all of those who have sent him Christmas cards in recent weeks. The paper mills, printers and postmen of Europe and North America thank you too.

But in particular, thanks go to Tim Devlin, marketing man at the College of Law, who wished Tulkinghorn not only a happy Christmas, but a “happy holiday” too.

Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, Devlin took the trouble to include a Christmas gift with his card: a brochure for his holiday home in Italy.

Astounded readers will be interested to learn that L’Alcova is on the first floor in the 16th century part of the house, has a balcony, and can sleep between two and four people. “The town is beautiful,” says a former guest. “The extensive video library entertaining, and the food amazing. And your apartment – so full of elegance and good taste!”

Er, happy Christmas to you too, Tim.