Baggage cheque

Christmas came early for one Freshfields London partner recently. The chap, whose name Tulkinghorn will refrain from revealing, was hot off the plane at his honeymoon destination with his new bride when disaster struck.

Once outside the terminal the lawyer realised his luggage had somehow failed to materialise (Tulkinghorn is assured the lawyer had, naturally, arranged for a flunky to handle the irksome task of actually retrieving it from the carousel).

In shock, and facing the threat of physical violence from his beloved, the chap put his skills to work and laid into the airport staff, demanding compensation.

In no time at all the lawyer, admittedly still sans luggage, was £500 better off. Only to find that their chauffeur, who was due to take the happy couple to their hotel, had already picked it up.

A moral dilemma played across the lawyer’s, mind (for all of a second) before he and his wife pocketed the cash and headed for the hotel. Job done.