Former nurses find new role in caring legal profession

A NEW association is setting out to promote the specialist skills of nurses who have entered the legal profession.

Nurses in the Law Association met for the first time last week under the chairmanship of founder Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp.

Rhodes-Kemp, a former nurse who left Middlesex Hospital five years ago and is now a partner in Russell Jones & Walker's medical negligence department, said a number of nurses were making career moves into the law and the association would provide information for those wanting to make the move.

“Ex-nurses provide an interesting combination of skills which may not be immediately apparent,” said Rhodes-Kemp. “Nurses are experienced in communicating with people, solving problems and prioritising work.”

She said she left the National Health Service because of concern about its managerial outlook and moved into the law to remain in a client-based job.

Of the 100 solicitors, barristers and legal assistants who contacted the association most are in the medical negligence, family and commercial field.