THE MINI cab firm convicted for displaying the word “taxi” on its “taxi-bikes” has found a motor cycle-mad lawyer to represent it in the appeal case.

London's largest mini-cab and courier operators Addison Lee has appointed Stephen Cantle, senior partner at London firm Kennedys, to conduct its appeal against a magistrates court conviction and £500 fine.

The firm was prosecuted privately by the Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association, which argued that the use of the word breached the 1968 Cab Act.

Addison Lee chair John Griffin said he wanted a lawyer who could demonstrate a track record in transport matters. “If we win the case we will continue to pursue our intention to supply Londoners with an alternative transport system in their congested capital.”

Cantle said: “I am particularly interested in this case and took it on as a supporter of any initiative which helps to cut down on pollution and traffic congestion.

“Those who prefer the option of sitting in motor cars for hours on end in traffic jams still have their freedom of choice.”