Web week

The Lawyer’s Web Week is a weekly commentary on legal activity on the web. This includes an overview of the best of the week’s blogs. If you want to direct us to useful links, email webweek@thelawyer.com.

New Age slaves
Good news for New Age lawyers: there’s now a New Age lawyer blawg scene. The creators of US site Lawsagna (laws agna.typepad.com) are ­getting hippy with it, recommending the ­Center for Contemplative Mind in Society’s meditation retreat for law professionals and students.

The retreat aims to “provide a practical tool for busy legal professionals to quiet the mind, enhance clarity and professional effectiveness, and restore a more peaceful balance to their lives”.

The idea is clearly catching on. Idealawg (westallen.typepad.com/idealawg) has also spent the week investigating “mindfulness in law” and “Zen and the art of lawyering”. Apparently, by meditating regularly, even lawyers can let go of the “rage or fear or anger” and learn how to pay more attention.

Dunno about you, but it certainly sounds like a new age to us.

Writer’s blog
Web Week’s wandering browser this week ran across Law and Disorder (lawanddisorder.com.au), a blog by Australian ­speaker and humourist Paul Brennan.

As well as quotations, comment, cartoons and jokes about the law, the blog also features an abundance of legal ­information presented
in layman’s terms.

Given that this feeds into Brennan’s ­alternative persona as a lawyer at Brennan ­Solicitors (www.brennan law.com.au), readers might be surprised to learn that Brennan is also working on a book ­entitled 101 Reasons to Kill All The Lawyers, a collection of amusing posts from his popular blog of the same name (101reasonstokillallthelawyers.blogspot.com).