Taylor makes his Mark

Tulkinghorn would like to express sympathy for Fountain Court’s newly appointed director of clerking, Alex Taylor, who could not be blamed for having an identity ­crisis every now and then.

Christened Mark Alex Taylor, when he joined Fountain Court in 1979 as a young ­whippersnapper it was suggested that Taylor change his name to avoid being confused with ­senior clerk Mark Watson.

Watson’s idea was that Mark Taylor should henceforth be known as Alex Taylor, what with it being the man’s middle name.

But in a rare tribute to the hard-working delivery staff of Her Majesty’s post office, Mark decided to call himself John after his local postgentleman.
“He was a great man, and so I thought why not call myself John,” Taylor told one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes.

Mark, now John, Taylor became senior clerk at Old Square Chambers in 1994. However, when he boomeranged back to Fountain Court in April this year, there was now, alas, a barrister there called John Taylor.

Being older and wiser Mark/John/Alex made the adult decision and now calls himself by his middle name, Alex.

Speaking to Mark/John/Alex Taylor last week (Tulkinghorn is moderately certain), he explained: “Well, I’m still known as Mark at home and many people still know me as John, while at the same time I’m meeting new people every day as Alex. I basically answer to any name.”

That clears that up, then.