Lawyers remain happy despite increased workloads

Lawyers remain happy despite increased workloadsLaw firm employees are working the equivalent of an extra day a week compared to the start of the year, with many firms failing to fill spaces left by departing staff members.

Research from recruitment consultant Badenoch & Clark found that one in five employees claims to have an increased workload with 41 per cent of 1,000 respondents saying their firms had not replaced staff that had left.

Despite the claims of increased workloads, the research found that 82 per cent of lawyers are happy in their jobs, although just 77 per cent are planning to take their full holiday entitlement this year.

Badenoch & Clark executive director Alison Burgin said although lawyers remain happy in their jobs, law firms need to continue focusing on engagement and long-term talent management strategies.

“It’s natural for employees to keep their heads down when the economy is weaker, but loyalty shouldn’t be taken for granted or resources stretched to breaking point if employers want to avoid storing up trouble for the future,” said Burgin.

In terms of loyalty, the research found that the majority of employees in the legal sector want to stay with their current employers, with 73 per cent saying they do not plan to change jobs this year.

That said, significantly lower than expected pay rises and bonuses may rock the boat, with 50 per cent of respondents saying they will not stay loyal to their current firm if they are disappointed financially this year.