Kirkland faces US malpractice case

Kirkland & Ellis is being sued for malpractice by former patent client Magnetek. The move comes after the US firm lost a patent case on behalf of the electronics company.

The case, which was filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County, relates to a 1998 litigation between Magnetek and Ole K Nilssen, who owns a large number of US patents relating mostly to electronic lighting products, and Geo Foundation.

After arbitration, the longstanding patent dispute settled in favour of Nilssen and Geo earlier this year. Magnetek was ordered to pay Nilssen and Geo $22m (£11.80m).

However, Magnetek claims that Kirkand failed to uncover information relating to a previous Nilssen case that could have invalidated the Nilssen patent that the dispute centred on.

It is alleged that Magnetek discovered the evidence without the aid of Kirkland.

Magnetek has instructed Katten & Temple partner Mitchell Katten and Martin Washton of Towle Denison Smith & Tavera.

Kirkland declined to comment. At this stage it is not clear whether the firm has instructed anyone in relation to the case.