Happy couples

Happy couplesTulkinghorn’s heart grows warm at news from personal claims firm Scott Rees & Co, based in Skelmersdale, the Venice of West Lancashire, where not two but four of the firm’s staff are to marry. Separately, if one knows what Tulkinghorn means.

Solicitors James Driscoll from Liverpool and Lucie Illingworth are planning a wedding in 2010, as are Karla Kingston and claims handler Chris Connor.

Kingston said: “I was thrilled – it was totally unexpected. I knew that James was about to ask Lucie to marry him, but I had no idea that Chris was going to ask me.”

Driscoll added: “Everyone at Scott Rees was really pleased for us all, and the girls paraded their rings around the office.”

Tulkinghorn pictures the scene with tears in his eyes.