Stormin’ Normans

When lawyers bleat on about ‘cultural differences’ with their foreign kin, it is usually code for whatever failed merger, office opening or laterals they have made a mess of.

However, after hearing about a partner retreat at Coudert Brothers, these xenophobic dipsticks just might have a point.

Every office in Coudert’s network is given the opportunity to host the firm’s annual partner get-together. With this comes the heavy responsibility of organising the entertainment for its many lawyers. One particular year it was the French office’s turn to host the event. Now, most Coudert lawyers were probably expecting a bit of wine tasting, sampling gastronomic delights and maybe a trip to a hillside chateau. But what they got was a dinnertime treat of a load of dancers with “les globes de plaisir” on full display.

Apparently, these Folies Bergere-style antics didn’t go down too well with the American lady lawyer contingent, who doubtless nearly choked on their coq au vin. Tulkinghorn cannot imagine why.