SFLA comes to aid of summer divorce victims

THE Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA) has launched a leaflet campaign to promote its members to a wider public audience before the annual surge of summer divorces.

The SFLA has launched a national helpline giving the name of the nearest SFLA solicitor, and is distributing a brochure that gives “10 good reasons for choosing an SFLA solicitor”.

The brochure will be distributed in libraries, advice centres and Citizens' Advice Bureaux across the country.

The nationwide campaign is a bid to persuade disputing families to choose SFLA solicitors, who are required by their membership to adopt a conciliatory approach to proceedings. All members are bound by a Law Society-approved Code of Practice.

The move coincides with a time when visits to family solicitors increase by 50 per cent due to stressful family holidays. The leaflet advises clients that using a non-SFLA solicitor could lead to “protracted arguments” with “acrimonious letters going backwards and forwards” and “long and very expensive court proceedings leaving you bitter, exhausted and poor.”

SFLA chair David Salter said: “We have forged good links with Parliament and legislators, and are now at the stage where the average MP knows who we are but the general public does not. That is what this leaflet intends to address.”