Litigation Disciplinary Tribunals 19/8/97

Merlyn Huw Lloyd Morgan, admitted 1980, struck off 1990, refused restoration to the roll. Morgan, who practised material times in Stratford-upon-Avon, struck off following 14 allegations of mis conduct including delay of conduct of client affairs, failure to carry out terms of retainer, failure to deal promptly with correspondence of Solicitors Com plaints Bureau, failure to exercise reasonable care and skill in conduct of client affairs. At time of his striking off Tribunal said it was clear Morgan’s office had been run “in a state of chaos” and that public interest had to be protected from a solicitor who did not properly conduct his own affairs. Morgan appealed but his appeal was dismissed.

David Philip Goulding, 59, admitted 1965, practising at material time as David Goulding Stourbridge, West Midlands, struck off. Allegations substantiated he failed to maintain proper accounts, wrongly drew and used client money. Tribunal told that as result of Goulding’s activities 61 applications had been made to the Compensation Fund in respect of which £524,174 had been paid out and four potential claims remained. Intervention costs paid out were £59,322 and the total sum recovered had been £140,002. Tribunal said Goulding had acted dishonestly and that his actions had tarnished the good reputation of the profession.

Allegations also substantiated against Melanie Louise Chance, a salaried partner with David Goulding (see above), that she failed to maintain properly written accounts and wrongly drew client money. However, no order made against her. Tribunal said she bore no responsibility for Goulding’s nefarious dealings and his dishonesty. It stressed previous concern at the alacrity with which inexperienced solicitors accepted offers of salaried partnership, and urged young solicitors not to enter into any partnership arrangement without taking formal independent advice and without ensuring that prospective partners’ accounts had been vetted.