The mane event

Have you heard the one about the barrister, the horsebox and the embarrassing marketing ploy?You may recall that equine specialist set Casalier Chambers sued horsebox manufacturer Equicruiser for faulty goods when it discovered it was too heavy to use forits outlandish publicity stunt.

The saga continues – and sadly without a happy ending for Casalier.

Shortly after the claim was filed, Equicruiser went into administration, leaving the chambers in the rather unfortunate position of paying £40,000 for a horsebox and not actually owning one. Not a position many members of the legal community find themselves in too often.

Both Equicruiser and Casalier are set for a case management conference at the Royal Courts of Justice on 28 September, with dates for the full hearing expected to be set later.

Casalier is the odds-on favourite to win.