Law á la mode

Music fans, cover your ears. The pernicious world of law firm PR has commandeered a perfectly innocent musical term in a bid to make a bunch of lawyers look wacky and exciting.

That, of course, is never an easy task, but in this case Brussels-based Lontings & Partners has bested even the likes of Lawrence Graham (LG), Nabarro Nathanson (see above) and Olswang (see everywhere).

On 3 September 2007 Lontings changed its name. Henceforth, the firm will be called Lydian.

Apparently the new name is the final step in the “recent transformation” of the firm, according to the blurb. “The name change rounds off the firm’s repositioning from a supporting network office to a fully fledged standalone business law firm,” it helpfully adds. Then it goes mad: “Lydian is a jazz music term that means ‘note system’, ‘touchstone’, the backbone on which jazz musicians can always rely in jam sessions.” Lydian managing partner Alexander Vandenbergen went on: “Our firm can thus be the ‘backbone’ of our client’s business ventures; while they are exploring new possibilities, we ensure that everything goes according to plan.”

And there was Tulkinghorn thinking it was just a mode.