Fortune punters

Assiduous readers of these pages may remember last week’s news (10 September) that Lovells celebrated its new nine-firm Chinese alliance with the mass offering of fortune cookies.

There was indeed a glut of cookies at the firm. So much so that it decided a visit to Atlantic House last Monday (10 September) by Tulkinghorn’s scribes was the perfect occasion to offer more of them as prizes.

The occasion? Tuition in Texas hold ’em poker followed by a few games. No, Tulkinghorn didn’t see the connection either. He is assured that his scribes only went along on the promise of amassing a fortune, not fortune cookies.

It was in any case a Lovells player who won the mini poker tournament, having secured an unbeatable couple of queens (he also had a good hand of cards, Tulkinghorn understands).

Perhaps he had failed to grasp that it is always wise to let the journalists win. Maybe that should have been the fortune from his cookie?