Collie power

Last week one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes was somewhat surprised to open her copy of the Watford Observer (she never misses an issue) to find Manches litigation and arbitration partner Clive Zietman plastered all over the front page.

In which groundbreaking case had Zietman triumphed to justify such exposure? And why was the lawyer pictured alongside a bearded collie? Further investigation was required.

It seems that Zietman is aiming to “beat his secretary” (in a competitive, sporting sense, of course) in the upcoming Manches Moor Park 10k run, slated for 30 September. And the dog? Zietman is praying his bearded collie, Halle, will be the magic ingredient in his bid for athletic prowess.

Zietman, who introduced Manches to the Moor Park run four years ago, has been training with Halle – known affectionately as Halitosis – every night for the run.

“I’m not a runner, but I’ve become a runner thanks to my children wanting to have a dog and not wanting to exercise it,” said Zietman.

Sadly, Zietman, who has been running 5km every night with Halle, was unable to enter Halle in the run due to ‘safety reasons’.

Which means you won’t be able to miss Zietman should you decide to join the race – he’ll be the one still with an arm sticking out, holding an imaginary lead.

The run aims to raise funds for the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre, which provides support to people affected by cancer.

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