You're all a load of lawyers

It might have been a sunny Sunday at the end of the summer, but these were lawyers, and a competition is a competition, even if it was just football.
The third annual The Lawyer Legal Fives was no walk in the park, as those members of The Lawyer's team still hobbling around the office testify. Special mention must go to Lisa O'Neal, member of the self-styled Amazing Overys, who took home both the top scorer and player of the tournament in the women's event.
Mere chance? Not a bit of it. Tulkinghorn's spies inform him that O'Neal has just finished the first seat of her training contract in the corporate department. Her coaching for last weekend's event came from Alison Beardsley, one of Allen & Overy's top corporate stars. Watch out Andrew Clarke – she's coming to litigation next! Unfortunately, Beardsley's coaching and O'Neal's nose for goal were not enough to prevent a trouncing in the women's final. Slaughter and May ran out 5-1 winners.
In the men's event, congratulations go to Morgan Cole, Cardiff, for a spectacular performance. Magnificent on and off the field (even if they did beat The Lawyer's own team – well we couldn't win our own tournament, could we?) it was by far the best-supported team. The women's team was pipped 5-4 in the semis by the Amazing Overys, proving that the firm really does have strength in depth. The men's event was won by Olswang, perhaps not the most popular winners following their performance in last year's winter league. In that event, Olswang even had to be suspended for a time while investigations into their on-field conduct went on. The team was accused of several instances of violent conduct and dissent. The firm ultimately made assurances that its team would respect fellow competitors and the rules, and has since performed in exemplary fashion. See what happens when you learn some manners?