Separated at birth

Is there anyone who doesn't want to become a lawyer? It seems not. The comments made by so-called Philip Boursnell when he joined Reynolds Porter Chamberlain (The Lawyer, 10 September) take on new significance when one realises that he is, in fact, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. “I couldn't see myself spending the last 10 years of my career there,” he said, with most people assuming he meant DLA, the firm he had just left. In reality, he was referring to life in Government, and there is no doubt that no one is likely to be ousting him from his post – at least not with a left jab (or should that be Jag?) like his. The lateral hire of Boursnell by Reynolds Porter was, claimed the firm, part of a drive to strengthen non-core practice areas. That'll be boxing law and car maintenance, then.