DLA Piper to roll out US all-equity model in UK

DLA Piper is set to unveil plans to move to an all-equity partnership model in the international LLP side of its business.

Lee Miller
Lee Miller

The move would bring the UK-headquartered side of DLA Piper’s business into line with its US operation, which already operates an all-equity model.

The firm is expected to unveil proposals this week that would see all of its salaried and fixed-share partners inject additional funds into the business in exchange for larger profit shares.

It is not yet clear how much the firm’s non-equity partners will be asked to contribute. The plan will require a vote, the date of which is yet to be finalised.

DLA Piper has long been a target for criticism in the market for the low proportion of equity partners in its international business.

At the end of the 2010-11 financial year DLA Piper had a total of 647 partners, of whom just 201 were full equity.

The all-equity initiative coincides with DLA Piper’s incremental move towards aligning its merit-based partner remuneration ­system on either side of the Atlantic.

The firm’s joint CEO Lee Miller told The Lawyer: “The truth is they’re getting close.”