Dummys attend quiz

Richards Butler played an absolute blinder recently with its sports quiz party. First off, it was held at Madame Tussauds, leading to the inevitable sight of lawyers chatting up an extraordinarily lifelike Elle Macpherson. The firm had also roped in They Think It’s All Over regular Rory McGrath to host the bash and Gordon Brown’s missus Sarah as prizegiver, lending a spot of glamour to the evening.

Frankly, after a few glasses of wine, it was a relief to spot some real-life stars – there’s only so many times you can introduce yourself to waxworks of Ant and Dec and not feel a fool.

Topping it off, the firm had the nous to somehow arrange it so that Tulkinghorn’s team emerged victorious. Well, Tulkinghorn is sure it was no fix, but if you want to ensure your firm gets a good writeup in the Diary page, it’s always a good idea to send the hacks off home clutching a bottle of shampoo.