CC in orangey boom

A new uniform was spotted recently at Clifford Chance. Was it dress down? Was it a shift away from dark suits and white shirts?

Witnesses who saw the strangely attired ones said they were wearing what they could only describe as “bright-orange scarves”. They walked the floors, gliding from place to place with an otherworldly, ethereal quality that set them apart from the mere lawyer.

Tranquility reigned as Clifford Chance finally got its new practice management system in place, thanks to the quasi-religious tone set by the orange ones (who went by the name of ‘Champions’ in a reference surely to the holy fervour their mere presence inspired in the devout followers).

The truth is more prosaic: they were IT geeks employed to help technophobes using the scary new system.

There was no truth in the rumour that the colour had anything to do with Northern Ireland, and marching bands were most definitely not spottted outside Canary Wharf.