Litigation Writs 18/10/94

Student nurse, Sally Boug-hey of Wareham, Dorset, who was forced to give up her nursing career after receiving back injuries when a patient she was lifting fell on top of her, has launched a u50,000 High Court compensation claim against Bristol and District Health Authority and United Bristol Healthcare NHS Trust.

The writ accuses the Health Authority and Trust of negligence for failing to give her adequate training in transferring patients, allowing her to transfer a patient in a manner which was inherently dangerous, failing to warn that the method was dangerous, and failed to supervise her, as well as exposing her to a risk of injury.

Writ issued by Blake Lapthorn, Fareham, Hampshire. B 2535.

Security company Centuryan Security of Sanderstead, Surrey is being sued by Railfreight Distribution and Gallagher over more than one million cigarettes which went missing from a railway station.

The writ accuses the security company of negligence, breach of contract and being in breach of duty. The cigarettes are said to have been lost or stolen from Willesden Junction Depot in January 1991 or April 1992.

Writs issued by Hill Dickinson Davis Campbell, Liverpool. R1406, R1407.

Hong Kong businessman, Victor Yiou-Hwa-Hwang, and his London-based company are seeking repayment of loans advanced on the security of Battersea Power Station. They are seeking mortgage foreclosure or an order that the site should be sold.

Total claim in the summons issued by Mr Hwang and Semisquare Ltd is for payment of u41,027,259 along with u32,129,381 interest and further interest of 10 per cent a year until payments are met.

Defendants are Battersea Leisure Ltd (now in liquidation), ATB (Staffordshire) Ltd, Sir Robert McAlpine Management Contractors and the London Borough of Wandsworth.

Battersea Leisure Ltd is claimed to be liable under a loan agreement, ATB is guarantor under the financial arrangements. Both McAlpines and Wandsworth are also named in the action because of financial interests they have.

The summons seeks either repayment of loans or an order for sale for not less than the money owing on the property along with appointment of a receiver and manager of the power station and land.

Writ issued by Kidd Rapinet. CH 4953.