Litigation Writs 18/11/97

A man who claims he lost out on a divorce settlement by remarrying is suing his former solicitors for compensation. Anthony Chilton of Bracknell has issued a writ claiming damages against Druces & Attlee of London, EC2, alleging he lost the chance of a settlement of about £200,000 as a result of the firm failing to apply for ancillary relief in divorce proceedings before he remarried.

Writ issued by Farrer & Co.

An accountant who allegedly stole more than £300,000 from an investment company for which he worked voluntarily is being sued for damages. In the writ, George Buchan is accused of taking £311,385 from Olive Property & Investment, London, between July 1994 and March 1997. Olive Property is suing Buchan, of Walton-on-the-Hill, Surrey, for repayment of the money, an account of all profits he made, and delivery up of all assets bought with the money.

Writ issued by Russell-Cooke Potter & Chapman.

Rhyl soldier Stanley McGuinness, who claims he has suffered from post-traumatic stress after fighting in the Falklands War, is suing the Ministry of Defence. He accuses the MoD of breach of duty in failing to diagnose and treat the disorder following his service with the armed forces in the Falklands in 1982.

Writ issued by Sheratte Caleb & Co.

Shrewsbury tractor driver Peter Hawes is suing for compensation after being seriously injured when the tractor and trailer he was driving near Much Wenlock was hit from behind by an 18-tonne beet harvester. Hawes was thrown out of the cab of his vehicle and, among other injuries, fractured his back in two places, as well as his sternum and 10 ribs, and suffered other injuries.

Writ issued by Edward Lewis.

Epping Forest District Council is being sued for a declaration that erection of an agricultural dwelling house at Greensted Wood Farm, Ongar, was lawfully implemented prior to 28 January 1982 and as a result continues to be valid.

Writ issued by Palmer Wheeldon, Cambridge.

Labourer Dominic Geraghty, whose leg was broken when he was run over by a mechanical digger while he was working on a building site near Watford, is suing his employers Hiretes, of Ilford.

Writ issued by Simmonds Church Smiles.