Ellison accused of removing yellow lines

Eversheds partner Robin Ellison has been reported to the police by his local council for criminal damage, after he was allegedly spotted painting over double yellow lines outside his Hampstead home.

The bizarre incident occurred last month during a legal tussle between Camden Council and Ellison over ownership of the land, which the council wants to use as an access point for six units of “affordable housing”.

A council employee, who was passing by, claims she saw a man fitting Ellison's description, wearing jeans and a woolly jumper, brushing black paint over the double yellow lines at the crack of dawn.

Earlier, according to Camden Council, Ellison had erected bollards on the land, claiming it was his.

The bollards blocked access to the building site. When the council tried to remove them he took out an ex parte injunction. However, the injunction was overturned, and earlier this month he discontinued his claim to prove ownership of the land a week before the trial.

Ellison, who was represented by Eversheds and is well-known in the pensions world for his run-ins with pensions ombudsman Julian Farrand, agreed to pay the council's “substantial costs”.

Ellison confirmed he had been in dispute with the council and had discontinued the action, but added: “The matter isn't settled yet.”

Regarding the painting of the lines, Ellison said: “I am not prepared to comment on who was doing what to whom and when.”

A spokesman for Hampstead police confirmed it was investigating the incident.