Litigation Writs 17/5/99

Sony Music, A & M Records, BMG Music, Capitol Records, Warner Communications, MCA, Polygram and Warner Bros Records are seeking a High Court injunction to stop two men and four firms from disposing of assets worth up to u1m. The record companies have issued a writ seeking orders restraining Global Arts Productions, Danny Jordan, Saturn Records, Stack-O-Hits, Jack Millman, and Just Great Music from disposing or dealing with their assets in England and Wales. In particular, the companies seek orders restraining them from disposing of money held in an account at the Bank of Scotland's branch in Cockspur Street, London SW1. And they seek orders making the defendants reveal details of all their assets – including value, location, and other information – in an affidavit within 14 days.

Writ issued by Willoughby & Partners, London E14

The League for Animal Welfare and Rescue, Jan Stevens and Frank Halliday, all of Bedfont, Middlesex, are facing a High Court claim by Heathrow Airport for possession of land at 1-4 Perry Oaks Drive, Stanwell, Moor Road, Longford, West Drayton. Heathrow says the land was occupied under a tenancy at will granted in February 1995 but the tenancy was terminated by letter on 22 March 1996. However, it is alleged that since termination the defendants have continued to occupy the premises.

Writ issued by Herbert Smith, London EC2

The mother of a child who died after allegedly negligent medical treatment is suing the Royal Liverpool Children's NHS Trust for compensation. Thomas Fuzzard died on 20 March 1996 after receiving care and treatment which his mother, Linda Fuzzard, claims was negligent. She is also claiming damages for her own personal injuries, including nervous shock and psychiatric damage, which she says she suffered as a result of the care and treatment received from the Trust from February 1996.

Writ issued by Kingsley Napley, London EC1

Christopher Stables of South Croydon has issued a writ claiming damages for over u50,000 from Croydon Mencap. He claims he suffered injuries and losses because of the conduct of Mencap and its staff on 31 January 1996.

Writ issued by Anthony Morris Solicitors, West Sussex

Aids charity worker John White is suing the London Lighthouse for damages in respect of injuries he suffered at work. White has issued a writ claiming damages from the London Lighthouse, of London W11, and Guy's and St Thomas's Hospital NHS Trust, of St Thomas's Street, London SE1, accusing both of negligence and breach of statutory duty in March 1996.

Writ issued by Gadsby Wicks, Chelmsford, Essex

Fari Afshar of 149 Harley Street, London W1, and St Martins Hospital, trading as London Bridge Hospital, of 97-99 Park Street, London W1, are being sued by Carole Chester of London W1 for damages for alleged breach of contract and for negligent advice and treatment given to her between 17-23 November 1994.

Writ issued by Eversheds, Newcastle upon Tyne