It's been a good week for…

Pornography. Porn King Larry Flynt (above) is coming to a court near you. The US supremo of free speech, is being tried along with his brother on obscenity charges which could mean spending 24 years in prison. However, the real-life star of Hollywood film The People v Larry Flynt contends that attitudes have changed and that what he does no longer breaks the law. Flynt wants to use the case to challenge a 1973 Supreme Court decision that obscenity is defined by local community standards, which he says is out of date now that any old stuff can be downloaded via the internet.

Press freedom. The Newspaper Society is preparing to take Home Secretary Jack Straw to the European Court of Human Rights. News International executive chairman Les Hinton told the Newspaper Society's annual meeting last week that Straw's Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Bill, which bans the naming of children involved in crime reports, will stifle press freedom and would have prevented reporting of the Dunblane tragedy.

Zany magistrates. Lord Irvine has finally managed to find one – bolstering his campaign to rid the magistracy of its stuffy, fuddy-duddy image. Harley-Davidson-riding circus clown Philip Frederick – who also juggles, performs magic and lies on a bed of nails – will be sworn in as a magistrate later this month.