In brief: Legal bookshop goes online

LAWYERS determined to keep up with the latest on cremation law and dog legislation – and the Woolf reforms – can now order books at the click of a button from a new online law bookshop.

Hammicks Legal Bookshops has just launched a website as firms prepare to chuck out hundreds of books made obselete by the Woolf reforms.

Alden Bowers, who co-ordinates the website and runs Hammicks' Bristol store, says the new service should make it easier for firms to update their libraries.

“Woolf could easily mean that major sections of firms' law libraries are completely revised,” says Bower.

Only seven or eight books have so far been published which deal specifically with the reforms, but virtually every specialist book on civil law – from personal injury to contract law – will have to be re-written to incorporate the seismic change.

The website has details of all 18,000 legal publications stocked by Hammicks, which visitors are able to access by looking up individual titles or searching a particular law category.

Orders and payment are made on-screen with next-day delivery for all books in stock. Negotiations are also underway to link the online ordering service to Lawtel.

The website address is: