Conditional fees are wide-ranging

I would like to take issue with the comments expressed by Edward Garnier (The Lawyer, 19 April).

Mr Garnier's knowledge of the conditional fee insurance market seems to be restricted to one company. Had he asked us, or one of our many competitors, he would have discovered that a wide range of policies is available to help people to pursue cases under CFAs. There is no shortage of insurers, we know of at least seven.

Mr Garnier derides the idea that the premium could be payable only at the end of the case. In fact, our policy holders are able to take out an unsecured loan to pay the premium. The loan is repayable at the end of the case and we cover the interest if the case is lost.

Hundreds of solicitors and thousands of clients have benefited from CFAs. Those considering such arrangements need not be deterred by Mr Garnier; the system is working very well indeed.

Edward Wright, director, Amicus Legal