…as it makes first alliance for its European campaign

Dibb Lupton Alsop has revealed that it has signed up the first members of its European alliance.

It hopes to create a pan-European merged firm within the next five years but is starting by signing exclusive associations with firms in key markets.

Managing partner Nigel Knowles says that deals have been signed with a Brussels and Barcelona firm, but that the names of the firms could not be released until the deals had been cleared by the relevant bar associations.

Dibbs is also in negotiations with two Paris firms, a Madrid firm and a Milan practice, all of which it hopes to sign within six months.

Once those members have been signed up the firm will turn its sights on Frankfurt.

“We are not looking to merge immediately because any firm that would want to merge immediately would probably be in trouble,” explains Knowles.

He jokes that the firm is reversing historical precedents by conquering the rest of Europe before invading Germany.

The firm already has a small Brussels office but is now aiming for a “credible European capacity” as part of its vision until the year 2002.

Once Europe has been sewn up, Dibbs intends to turn its attention to the US market.