Lib Dem Menzies Campbell launches Scottish chambers

Former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell QC has become one of the founding members of new Scottish chambers Terra Firma which was formally launched today (20 March).

Campbell is one of nine silks and 21 advocates to launch the set, which will focus on property, planning, administrative and commercial law.

Roy Martin QC, the former dean of the Faculty of Advocates, will chair the new chambers, with Douglas Armstrong QC of Murray Stables as vice-chair and Gordon Steele QC as stable director.

Martin said chambers was looking forward to providing benefits to clients which best meet the needs of the twenty-first century.

“The creation of Terra Firma Chambers has come about as a result of the recognition that Advocates can group together with colleagues in similar practice areas for the benefits of clients, solicitors and other instructing professionals,” said Martin.

The launch of Terra Firma follows the opening last May of Oracle Chambers, the first set in Scotland for more than 50 years.

Before last year advocates had to be affiliated to a stables and had restrictions on marketing and how they structure themselves (The Lawyer, 30 April 2007). It is the relaxation in these rules that allows the formation of chambers in Scotland.

Terra Firma formal launch took place in Edinburgh but the set will also be opening up in Glasgow on 10 April.