ICC Arbitration chief quits after strategy row

The ICC International Court of Arbitration chairman Pierre Tercier has resigned after a disagreement about the future direction of the court.

Tercier’s resignation, which will take effect from the end of June, follows a decision by the ICC chairmanship, headed by Marcus Wallenberg, that it would not propose a renewal of his term in office to the executive board and national governing bodies

Tercier had been appointed chair of the Court in March 2006 which would have seen his term at the end of this year.

The chairmanship said that the decision had not been taken on the basis of Tercier’s professional activities as chairman of the Court, but due to divergent views on the organisational relationship between the Court and the general secretariat of ICC.

An ICC spokesman added: “In view of the chairmanship’s decision and its impact on his activities as chairman of the court, Mr Tercier decided to resign.”

The successor to Tercier, who was appointed chair of the Court in March 2006, will be selected in due course.