American tie

Tulkinghorn doesn’t usually do this, but as a one-off he’s happy to give a particularly entrepreneurial soul a free plug.

Last week, the following email arrived: “I have received your great emails and chose to write to you today because of the story ‘Richmond’s role in Freshfields diaspora’. I was born and raised in Richmond, VA, and lived next door to Eppa Hunton IV of Hunton & Williams. It’s a very small world indeed.

“Perhaps you might let readers of The Lawyer and know about our new ‘Sharks’ silk twill necktie. Our ties retail for $65 and between now and March 31st I’d be happy to ship ties to buyers in the UK free of charge.”

Frankly, we love that American chancer/charmer spirit, but it’s anyone’s guess as to what happens after the end of March. Maybe you have to pick the ties up yourself.

Now as some of our more perceptive readers may have gathered, The Lawyer has an office in New York. Or New Amsterdam as Tulkinghorn often says. Clues that hint at this development include a twice-weekly news alert entitled, ‘The Lawyer in New York’ and a blog, Byrne in the USA, handily set against a reasonably recognisable background of the Stars and Stripes. Inside the cover lies an office address: 1115 Broadway. That’s New York Broadway. Not Fulham Broadway.

Sadly, these hints have failed to deter many a US PR from calling our colleagues in New York to set up interviews with UK partners, listing several options in ‘London time’. Clearly, we’re being too subtle.

But as the new office location didn’t escape the chaps at Capital Ties, Tulkinghorn is delighted to help them flog their wares.